Wednesday, 03 May 2017 04:51
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· Panel Discussion:  Progressive steps towards Cashless payment options


“Modernization” is the goal.  Implementation of Cashless payment options for the consumer is one of the most vital action-items.  U.S. lotteries have made significant progress towards enabling Cashless to move forward and deliver the benefits that could be transformational to the industry, and for Good Causes that lotteries fund.  Where are we at now and what can we do to bring it across the finish line?

Moderator: Tom Delacenserie, Secretary, Florida Lottery


Terry Presta, Executive Director, Kansas Lottery and Chair of Retailer Relations, NASPL

Kathy Pyka, Controller, Texas Lottery

Paul Riley, Vice President Product Innovation and R & D, IGT

Drew Svitko, Executive Director, Pennsylvania Lottery


This video presentation is brought to you by Public Gaming Research Institute and was recorded at SMART-TECH 2017 in New York City, March 2017.

Wednesday, 03 May 2017 04:19
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· Panel Discussion: Consumers, Retailers, and Lottery Operators all join together to create a Utopia where everyone’s needs are met


What would that look like?  What are the consumer shopping trends and expectations that will drive Retailer actions to meet those expectations?  And how is Lottery aligning with Retailer actions to meet consumer demand for digitizing the shopping experience, for alternative ways to execute transactions (i.e. non-cash, Mobile Wallet, etc.), for innovation of POS’s and in-store messaging and consumer engagement strategies, etc.?  Let’s have a frank discussion about consumer and industry trends, the limitations of Lottery to align with those trends, how to overcome those limitations or at least isolate and focus on some actionable ways for Lottery to meet the needs of modern retailing and consumer expectations.  This discussion is not about the games themselves but about the in-store consumer shopping experience.

Moderator: Jeff Anderson, Executive Director, Idaho Lottery


Sean Athey, Vice President System Sales, Scientific Games Corporation

Jon-Paul Bussoli, Vice President, Product Development, Carmanah Signs

Paula Otto, Executive Director, Virginia Lottery

Pall Palsson, Senior Product Marketing Director, NOVOMATIC Lottery Solutions

This video presentation is brought to you by Public Gaming Research Institute and was recorded at SMART-TECH 2017 in New York City, March 2017.


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