Monday, 14 November 2011 21:18
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Management Structures and Operational Effectiveness:  How does the management model (state-agency, quasi-corporation, "PMA", etc.) affect the ability of the Lottery to invest in the innovation, progressive, and forward-looking strategies that are required of all industry leaders?  How can Lottery leaders adapt their state-agency model to a world that demands rapid change and entrepreneurial ingenuity?  How can state lottery directors do for their businesses what Steve Jobs did for Apple? Moderated by Rebecca Hargrove, CEO Tennessee Lottery Corp.; Panelists: May Scheve Reardon, Executive Director Missouri Lottery; Gary Grief , Executive Director Texas lottery; Jim Kennedy, Chief Marketing Officer, Scientific Games; Connie Laverty O’Connor, CEO of NorthStar Lottery Group
Friday, 21 October 2011 16:21
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“Not For the Faint of Heart Panel Discussion and Q & A” How can lottery and commercial partner develop the hand-in-glove relationship that will optimize the business of retailer performance, game development, implementation of promotions, etc. How can lotteries really free up their entrepreneurial capital to spur innovation and accelerate the rate of progress? How can vendors contribute to that effort? Moderated by: Gardner Gurney, Deputy Director and Director of Operations, NY Lottery Panelists:Jenny Canfield, Acting Executive Director, Minnesota Lottery  • Gary Grief, Executive Director Texas lottery   • John Pittman, Vice President Marketing, INTRALOT,  • Doug Pollard, Co-CEO, Pollard Bank Note

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