Panel Discussion: Forging the Digital Connection with Consumers

Tuesday, 10 April 2018 17:38
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Panel Discussion: Forging the Digital Connection with Consumers Progressive U.S. lotteries are leveraging the massive traffic they have on their websites to build the digital relationship with the players that is the foundation for long-term success. Consumers now expect seamless hand-offs between technology and in-store visits.  Heightened expectations for enhanced shopping experiences are driving the need for lotteries to leverage all consumer touch-points in unprecedented ways. Building digital relationships with players through website traffic, loyalty programs, and second chance promotions is part of the process.  Integrating that with in-store digital vehicles like Branded Gift Cards and Player Payment and awards solutions and further digitizing the retail shopping experience is another part.  What is being done to optimize the potential of these efforts? What are the measures of success? How can lotteries’ digital connection be used to drive retail foot traffic, and how can that be leveraged to further drive retailer commitment and increase lottery sales?

Moderator: Paul Jason, CEO, PGRI



Jamie Davison, Vice President, Digital Gaming and Innovation, Atlantic Lottery

Shannon DeHaven, Deputy Director of Digital Operations, Michigan Lottery

Jessica DiOrio Dunn, Senior Director, Business Planning and Customer Engagement, Scientific Games Corporation

Andrew Leeper, Creative and Brand Strategy Coordinator, Texas Lottery

Fivi Rondiri, Corporate Marketing Manager, Intralot USA

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Philippe Vlaemminck, Managing Director, Pharumlegal
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