Panel Discussion: Retail Optimization: In-Store Marketing and Merchandising

Wednesday, 04 May 2016 22:34
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Panel Discussion: Retail Optimization:  In-Store Marketing and Merchandising
How can Lottery be “up-sold” and otherwise get the attention of, and engage the shopper in the store?  How can Point-of-Sale be improved to capture attention and up-sell Lottery products?  How can technology or POS tools be used to make it easier for the consumer to understand the portfolio of different products and make their selection?  How can Mobile Proximity Marketing be applied to Lottery?

Moderator: Tom Delacenserie, Secretary, Florida Lottery
Wendy Montgomery, Vice President Marketing & Sales, Ontario Gaming & Lottery OLG
Adam Perlow, President & Chief Executive Officer, Hudson Alley Software
John Pittman, Vice President Marketing, INTRALOT USA
Tom Shaheen, Executive Vice President & Chief Policy Officer, Linq3
Jeff Sinacori, Vice President Retail Development, Scientific Games Corp.

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This video presentation is brought to you by Public Gaming Research Institute and was recorded live at SMART-TECH 2016  in New York City, NY April 2016.  Copyright © 2016


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