LOTTERY EXPO 2015 Building out the multi-state platform for Big-Box Corporate Account Retailers

Thursday, 29 October 2015 22:32
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Panel Discussion: Building out the multi-state platform for Big-Box Corporate Account Retailers

Logistical back-office hurdles (like accounting and settlement procedures that differ from one jurisdiction to another) have stymied Lottery’s ability to develop the full potential of multi-jurisdictional retail operations.  Now, substantial progress is being made to meet the needs of these multi-state retailers.  What has been accomplished; how can we lock-in and build on the progress that has been made; what are the most actionable things that Team Lottery should do to blow open the doors to successful expansion of Lottery in the multi-state big-box retail channel?

Moderator: Rebecca Hargrove, President & Chief Executive Officer, Tennessee Education Lottery Corp.


Alex Anderson, Technical Specialist, Publix Super Markets Inc.

Gardner Gurney, Executive Deputy Director of the New York State Gaming Commission and its Acting Director of the Division of the Lottery

Drew Svitko, Executive Director, Pennsylvania Lottery

Gary Grief, Executive Director, Texas Lottery

Terry Presta, Executive Director, Kansas Lottery

This video presentation is brought to you by Public Gaming Research Institute and was recorded live at LOTTERY EXPO 2015  in Miami, Florida September 2015.  Copyright © 2015

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