SMART-TECH 2015 Panel Discussion: Managing Uncertainty as the Key to Successful Innovation - Moderator: Gary Grief, Executive Director, Texas Lottery

Thursday, 14 May 2015 23:51
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Panel Discussion:
Managing Uncertainty as the Key to Successful Innovation

Lotteries operate in an unforgiving business and political climate, the stakes are high, and the rate of change is increasing while visibility into the future is decreasing. How do we know when to move from the research and study mode to launch mode? Are there ways for an action-plan to include the flexibility to adjust course on the basis of new information gleaned from the real-world consumer response? How can this new science of managing uncertainty be applied to the business of designing and launching new lottery games, promotional campaigns, and innovation in general—and building a solid and sustainable growth plan?
Moderator: Gary Grief
Executive Director, Texas Lottery

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Panelists: (from left to right)

Phil Holmes, Vice President Strategy & Planning, Atlantic Lottery
Carole Hedinger
, Executive Director, New Jersey Lottery

Greg Smith, Executive Director, Vermont Lottery
Wojciech Szpil
, Chief Executive Officer, Totalizator Sportowy,  (Polish Lottery)

This video presentation is brought to you by Public Gaming Research Institute and was recorded at SMART-TECH 2015  at the Marriott Marquis in New York City, March 2015

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